Our site Extreme Adventure G&P will give you a various information about diffrent outdoor acitivities. The beautiful and wild nature is a bonus to everyone who wishes to change his everyday life.

All of our suggestions will help you feel the adrenaline and the thirst for adventure rising.Sports is not only a competition but a way to questions the physical and mental strength in everyone of us. With us you can assess yourself away from the everyday living. Here you can reveal the true selves of your friends and partners.

Our team can organise and supply equipment for any of the offered activites and programs as long as you desire to be part of the nature and feel its mighty power.





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    Тийм Билдинг

             "Една верига не е по-силна от най-слабото си звено и ако дори само един от екипа не може да се справи, всички останали страдат." Дайън Форчън

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