Team building forest tourTEAM BUILDING programs are designed to create new and unite existing teams with the help of a set of interactive, sports, extreme and creative tasks in an informal setting.

One reveals himself best when he overcomes obstacles or ... "plays." Adventure is a strange experience in a standard environment that liberates and unites. The number of companies in the country who offer their employees a new way of getting to know themselves is rising. Whether you climb or seek treasures, it is important that participants drop the professional "mask" in order to reveal new and unexpected qualities in themselves.

Organizing team building events is common in Bulgaria, but its "adventurous" and "extreme" versions are still new.

We offer various programs and trainings in both directions - adventure and extreme, depending on customer requirements: the number of participants, age group, the men/ women ratio, time , the level of physical preparation, place, purpose of education etc.


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    Тийм Билдинг

             "Една верига не е по-силна от най-слабото си звено и ако дори само един от екипа не може да се справи, всички останали страдат." Дайън Форчън

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