(Check our flash map for details)

Check our flash map for details

Route 1: Hut „Gorski Kyt” – village Malak Manastir – mount Kale Bair (Dramskoto kale) – village Goliam Manastir – the foretress Gradishte. This is a one day route, excellent for walking or horse riding as well as for archeological enthusiasts.

Route 2: Town Topolovgrad – Thracian Sanctuary and the foretress form late antiquity Paleokastro. Walking tour for half a day. In fair weather conditions, the view from the top of the foretress is fascinating.

Route 3: Village Hliabovo – the dolmens Stoeva Krusha, Nachovi Chairi, Bialata Treva and Evdzhik – village Hliabovo. One day walking tour.

Route 4: Town Topolovgrad – village Sakartzi – dolmen Iurgakev egrek – the foot of mount Vishegrad - town Topolovgrad . Walking tour for 1 or more days with sleep over option in village Sakartzi.

Route 5: Town Topolovgrad – village Oreshnik – village Mramor – Ustrem Monestary “Holly Trinity” – village Ustrem – village Planinovo – Vishegradski route - town Topolovgrad. Excellent route for cycling with a great possibilities for sightseeing.This is a one day tour during warm months.

Route 6: village Matochina – medieval fortress Bukelon – the Rocky Church – village Mihalich – the Rocky Church. This route is suitable for all kinds of tourism. The beautiful views, historical sights,fresh air and tranquility will make you return again and again.

Route 7: village Konovets – Eco farm for herbs in town Elhovo. One special route along the river that requires special equipment and organization, ideal for the warmer seasons.

Route 8: Town Elhovo – village Srem. This is a route along the river with sports boats. It requires preliminary organization and technical equipment.

Route 9: village Srem – Darkaia area. Water slalom for pros. Route ideal for water tourists with experience because of the technical difficulty.

Route 10: hutn Staria most – Aiazmoto next to Chernozem – Iliov bair – hunt Studeno kladenche – stronghold Razdelsko– village Lalkovo – stronghold next to Iglika Village - the Monastery – hunt Giol bunar – dolmens in the area of Peshterite next to village Goliam Dervent. Lovely footpath for 3 days with sleepovers in the huts.

Route 11: Hut Stariat Most – village Granitovo – hut Drynchi dupka. Excellent for walking or horse riding for 1 day trip.

Route 12: hut Drynchi dupka- the Monastery- the cave Drynchi dupka – fortress Gradishteto – Thracian rock sanctuary Mircholovi Kamyni - Thracian rock sanctuary Mochukovi Kamyni – village Melnitsa. The route can be completed for a day and on request the retrning point can be again the hut Drynchova dupka.

Route 13: The huts between the villages Kniazhevo and Srem(hotel Galina Palace) – gradishteto – village Srem - Thracian rock sanctuary near the area of Kiustyrlyk – dolnoto gradishte in the area Darkaia - hut Drynchi dupka .This is one pleasant route crossing the river tundzha.

Route 14: Hut Studenoto kladenche – village Lalkovo – village Iglika – hut giol bunar – village Goliam Dervent (caves and dolmens). This is a walking tour going through the hills of Dervent. The trip can be very intensive and completed for a day but we recommend a two day trip.

Route 15: Town Boliarovo – village Stefan Karadzhovo. Walking tourist tour.

Route 16: village Voden – medieval monastery complex Grigorii Sinait – stronghold Malkoto kale – village Voden. Walking tour.


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