Extreme Adventure offers remarkable experiences on any of the organised program for kayak- in rivers, lakes and sea. The main destinations and our kayak programs are:

Kayak in the river:

Tunja river - the average flow of the river, covering the distance from the bridge of the village Teneva to the "Darkaya" located near the border with the Republic of Turkey. Beautiful scenery and rich vegetation along the river makes the trip with the kayak very interesting. The program is an unforgettable adventure , a unique combination between cultural and historical sites and dense forests in the natural reserves – Gorna Topchia, Dolna topchia and Balabana with fascinating flora and fauna.

Veleka River is the largest river in Strandzha Mountain. The unique nature with rich flora and fauna make it a suitable place for water recreation and tourism. The best route is located in the lower part of the river from the village Brodilovo to the merger in the Black Sea near Sinemorets.

Maritsa River - the largest river in Bulgaria, the slow waters and beautiful scenery, make it a wonderful place for water tourism.

Danube is the biggest river in Bulgaria - a natural border with Romania. It is one of the best places for water tourism in the country.

Dams - Located in beautiful locations in the mountains of Bulgaria, the lakes offer a variety of opportunities for water sports, recreation and tourism. The most appropriate for your pleasant moments are: dam Kardjali, StudenKladenetz and Ivailovgrad in the Eastern Rhodopes. They are a wonderful place for those who are looking to spend their free time in nature together with family and friends.

Sea - water tourism at sea is different from rivers, lakes and dams, but is associated with extreme unforgettable and romantic experience.


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